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File Conversion

There are times when the file you need is simply too old for your current software to open. Perhaps the word processor that you use now can't open that file you spent so much time creating a few years ago. To make matters worse, you may not save your old software titles or versions (or you save them but you don't know where they are), so you don't even have the old software to load.

Whatever the reason, you have a file that you can't use. Sure, you can redo it, but what if you don't have to?

At Technocrats, we've been around for a while and we save everything! This means that we have many Windows and DOS based software titles dating back to their original release. Got a file you can't open? E-Mail us or give us a call. We may be able to open your file and convert it into a format that will be more useful to you.

Media Conversion

Media files, such as audio, video and images, come in a variety of formats. When your project requires media that you have in onr format to be changed to a different format or file type, we can help.

Database Conversion

Your data is important to you. You've spent money, time and effort to collect it. What do you do when the database system you've been using just doesn't cut it anymore? With Technocrats' experience in database conversion, we can help you take advantage of new capabilities available in updates to your existing database manager or we can help you move to a different database management system.

Your needs are dynamic. The database application that seemed OK a few years ago is beginning to grow tedious. Perhaps you've just seen another database and it seems so much more powerful and easy to use. Are there ways to enter and edit your data more efficiently than entering the same thing into the same field over and over again? Isn't there is a better way?

There may be better ways to accomplish your database goals.

Version Upgrades

Database conversion can often be a simple thing. Your existing database system may have an upgrade that offers the features that you want. Keep in mind that even if you upgrade to the latest version, your database application may need to be re-worked to take advantage of the new features. For example, pop-up lists don't magically appear on your data-forms. Someone has to put them there.

New Language or Environment

A poor or outdated application costs you money: time spent using it, time spent fixing it, time spent working around its limitations. Perhaps the database system that you are currently using has been discontinued, or perhaps your database system doesn't offer features that are available elsewhere. Maybe the last several releases have been buggy and unstable. Conversion can provide a solution to these problems. Why not redirect some of that wasted money to re-working the application? Conversion into a new language or environment is sometimes the best solution.


Whatever your needs, Technocrats can help you make the most of your file or database conversion. Contact us today.

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