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Microsoft Word Formatting

Microsoft Word, powerful, complex, and sometimes mysterious. We have extensive, experience formatting complex Microsoft Word Documents. We can help you overcome document formatting challenges such as:

  • Headings and Sub-Headings
  • Page Numbering
  • Section Numbering
  • Table Appearance
  • Graphic and Image Placement

Paragraph styles can be used to achieve consistent formatting across a set of documents.

In today's world, publishing isn’t limited to paper. We can convert your existing paper documents into an electronic form. We have extensive experience creating PDF files for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader, the electronic document standard. Technocrats can also transform your documents into Web pages that maintain the feel of your original documents.

Our staff can also assist with the production of your material. We'll help you work with a production facility to ensure that your job is completed efficiently and effectively.

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